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The Standard + Quiksilver Boardshorts- 08.09.09

theshorts0.jpg There is really only so much you can get about an actual user experience, packaging, presentation of a product from press photos. You saw what i had to show you about the launch in the previous post… For the rest you just have to go play with them in their natural setting! So for part one of the posts from The Standard Downtown LA’s rooftop pool party with Quiksilver to launch their boardshort collaboration ~ let’s focus on the SHORTS! And the vending machine! And the people wearing them! And then on to the rest later… I was lucky enough to get a chance to sneak away from the party to play with samples in one of the Standard rooms ~ so actual close up pics of the adorable pouches and details on the next page too! Take a peek at it all on the next page!

I wish they had them smaller than a 30! The feel amazing ~ dry super fast ~ and are so cute with the retro upside down labels, pouches, special buttons, and more… the bikini is adorable too (subtle stripes, oh so soft, cutest buttons ever on your bum)… and to purchase them, its ok if you’re not by the pool vending machine ~ they are also on the Standard online store!

Ths pouches and one of the standard water guns…

The vending machine stocked with boardshorts, bikinis, and condoms. While i love the simplicity, for such a sunny spot, i do wish they had some analog pics of the products ON the machine… the glare for a tiny digi screen is a bit tough to make sense of… no pics on the pouches either!



The “photo booth” was all set up with vintage mannequins modeling the goods… complete with astroturf between their toes and faux sky back drop…

Ran into this guy at the Surf exhibition ~ fully decked out in all things from the party… the shirt you can custom screen print… the mandatory mis-matched flip flops… and he even convinced the silk screeners to do his new Standard/Quiksilver board shorts! (If only i had thought to try and convince him to put them on, it would have been an even better pic!) And behind him are the original 80’s boardshorts from quiksilver that inspired this latest line… love the displays with them hanging in glass from clips…

Now for the details… you know i couldn’t pass up showing you the “Slip it in” key ~ and the cute board shorts card…

Close up with the actual pouch!

Sizing is shown these cute little tear off tags…

The full collection…

Just in case you get the pouches mixed up, tear off size tags are on the outsides too…

Beyond the vending machine, this is what really intrigued me most ~ i LOVE the idea of scribbling notes of where to go inside your shorts… like the even more functional version of mom’s labeling their kids clothes? Could shorts be the new notebook? (for when your phone is out of batteries?)




I hadn’t noticed before that the shorts said The Standard on the back…

Bikini pouch!

And the bikini itself…

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Awesome, I really like the white shorts.

They look so awesome, and simple, and retro and all, and they must look like really really cool.

A shame that they are a little bit “pricey” :(.

----- Raul 11.08.09 13:50

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