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Arkitip 0048 + McGinness + Incase- 08.07.09

mcg.jpg I always feel a little giddy when things that make me so happy end up collaborating so beautifully… Arkitip + Ryan McGinness + packaging from Incase??? #0048 looks so good! Watching these collaboration i couldn’t help but wish that there were some McGinness Incase products launching as well! But i can make do with being excited that Incase is truly an amazing packaging company in so many ways… from reusable packaging like my favorite messenger bag, iphone cases, and more… to gorgeous packaging anytime they send things out… to the box on this latest issue of Arkitip. Even cuter than the contents, is the white glove video they made to show it off… check out more images and the video on the next page!





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I saw this at Meltdown Comics last month when I wen to the Grant Morrison signing(July 1st). Back then I thought it was an old release, but I guess its not. Cool packaging though, everything is well organized.

----- Ruben T. 08.08.09 02:58

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