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WEJETSET + Mr & Mrs Smith Giveaway!- 08.19.09

contest.jpg UPDATED!!! To any non-US people who were getting awesome contests to italy earlier from the link ~ i updated the link for you to enter to play in NYC! ENTER HERE

When my friends over at WEJETSET and Mr & Mrs Smith reached out and asked me to share a chance to win some goodies, i couldn’t resist when they were giving away so many NOTCOT favorites… You know you’re way overdue for some R&R ~ possibly with someone of your choice curled up in the lush bed over at Cooper Square Hotel in East Village, NYC… while rocking out in electric blue headphones and doodling in your field notes and snapping pics of whatever silliness the others in the room are up to… ok, maybe that’s just what i wish i were doing right now? But none the less ~ i’m sure you’d enjoy the fantasy too…. and it even comes with $400 of spending cash (or travel cash or whatever you’d like to do with it?)… SO, happy wednesday, and go ENTER HERE!

I know i don’t do contests like these often ~ and yes you have to be 21+ ~ but honestly i just love the brands involved! Good extremely passionate folks, with awesome taste, and i’m currently getting lost in the Mr & Mrs Smith Global Shortlist book… the design, layouts, stories, and breathtaking hotel shots are like an instant midday escape from wherever you may be… definitely a good one on the list of gifts that are like the ultimate tease for those with the travel bug…

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I just read the terms and conditions of the contest and part of the eligibility is that you must be a citizen of the United States. So I’m guess that means the contest is only open to those living in the US and expats?

----- alia 20.08.09 10:40

The terms and conditions state that you have to be a citizen of the US?

----- Alejandro 20.08.09 10:39

Yeah, it’s a bit muddled on the site. Although Italy sounds heavenly, I really would like the camera&headphones&NY and all that….

----- Joy 19.08.09 23:47

It works if you click on the country link (Australia/United Kingdom) link at the top of the Smith page and change to United States!

----- RC 19.08.09 18:14

Italy too, I’m in Australia

----- Dan 19.08.09 15:28

i get a link to a italy competition not NY, is it cos im in UK?

----- zenilorac 19.08.09 13:17

Awesome, thanks so much for sharing this. I’m sure many of us could use a little break from our schedules.

----- LMD 19.08.09 13:11

Alsright, when I follow the link, I can win a trip to Puglia, Italy. Is it the European Comptetition? I don’t get it. I would love to win the headphones and the bag.

----- Markus 19.08.09 13:00

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