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Nervous System Cell Cycle- 08.20.09

nucleus1.jpg While waiting for a friend for dinner last night i found myself hanging out in A+R ~ which is always dangerous and oh so fun. Well, i started having WAY too much fun playing with the Nervous System bracelets and rings… the there is something so visually and tactilely fascinating about their pieces… in particular i gave in and purchased the Wave Bracelet in white (after trying on everything they had in various sizes, and the rings too!)… honestly the rings weren’t nearly as fun as the bracelets, but now i AM intrigued by the rings in the silver

The whole Cell Cycle Collection is quite mesmerizing! Take a peek at close ups of my bracelet as well as a look at the full collection and the story behind it on the next page!

i can’t even tell you how badly i want a rapid prototyping machine right about now…




(yes my hand looks weird ~ its a hard angle to manual focus dslr half awakenly shoot yourself from! so ignore that part!)


Here’s how they describe the Cell Cycle Collection:

Inspired by the complex forms of radiolarians, where intricate pattern is integral to structure, these shapes derive from a simulation of spring meshes which form mirrored catenoid surfaces. Surfaces based on catenary curves have long been used by architects like Gaudi to create forms of pure compression. Combining the strategy of the radiolarian with that of a catenary surface makes strong, yet visually delicate volumes with minimal material use.

We created interactive software to morph, twist, and subdivide each design transforming a simple mesh to a complex patterned structure. The bracelets are composed of a bilayer structure that juxtaposes two patterns on top of one another.

The final designs are built up layer by layer in durable nylon plastic using Selective Laser Sintering, a kind of 3D printing. These forms would be impossible to create by traditional manufacturing methods. The process imparts the pieces with a coral-like texture.


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2 Notes

They look very organic and sort of gooey! Reminds me of spider webs and for some reason it seems a little Gothic to me.

----- Tony 19.11.09 23:57

Gorgeous! It looks so ‘spongy’. I wonder if they would make suit out of it, you could run into walls and just bounce off.

I know it sounds dangerous, but just a thought.

----- Chinda 20.08.09 23:50

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