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HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje- 09.17.09

tordHP0.jpg We all have soft spots for certain things ~ and Tord Boontje is certainly one of mine. Even when he goes from designs for moroso and artecnica to target… and now HP!!! And i will own up to the fact that i’m not a huge fan of overly designed laptops/netbooks ~ especially when they are designed to look more clutch like and girly than sleek sexy electronics… but i. want. this HP Mini 110 by Studio Tord Boontje! As a design object more than a netbook! Even when its obsolete, i want it to just stare at in all its fascinatingly layered HP Imprint 3D technology layering in imagery into the case resembling the floating layers of vectorized images much like vinyl stickering between layers of acrylic. So subtle, so mesmerizing, AND filled with endangered creatures tucked into the flora? And to top that off? Gorgeous site and fun tord boontje “spot the animals” type flash game and free wallpapers as well. *Swoon* ~ so take a look at screenshots and images on the next page!

most annoying looping noises on their site though…













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7 Notes

I needed a net book, and this one fit the bill - it was the most incredibly happy day of my life when I opened the box to discover it had such adorable casing!! I thought it was just white but it was OH SO MUCH CUTER!!!!!!!

----- Helen 19.03.12 22:07

i do have this one,
at first i think it was the best notebook ever.
but later on, i realized it was not.
because, i cant use its bluetooth feature and the
gadget itself fails often times.

this gadget is very sensitive >.

----- april sacil 16.09.11 16:04

Hi, my Mom just purchased this netbook for me and I just have to shout it out to the world. It is one of the most interesting, exciting, functional objects I’ve ever owned. Not to mention I have been in love with his lamps for years. I will definitely purchase one now to sit under while I’m on my new, cool, fine~art Tordbook. merci Tord, ciao, Summer

----- Summer Fannin 21.01.10 07:33

I have this laptop, and I can tell you this much- it is an absolute JOY to use. I catch myself staring at the casing a lot, though. Shiny.

----- Stephanie 13.01.10 21:10

I love this laptop. If it wasn’t for your blog, I wouldn’t have found the offical HP homepage for this lovely gadget and it only makes me want it even more! I will get this as long as it’s not TOO expensive in my country.

----- Theresa Chan 25.09.09 06:28

boo photoshop brushes.. played out and cluttered. unfortunate

----- g 17.09.09 10:58

Oh man… Words cannot express how much I want this.

----- grace 17.09.09 10:50

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