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The Beatles: Rickenbacker 325 + Rock Band- 09.17.09

rickbeatles.jpg Its striking how similar in SIZE the real Rickenbacker 325 and the Beatles Rock Band Controller are. In fact, they are so similar, i couldn’t resist visiting the Rickenbacker factory in Santa Ana to check them out side by side in person! Funny coincidence ~ on 09/09/09 when Beatles Rock Band launched, the factory happened to start working on a run of the Rickenbacker 325! They claim it really wasn’t planned! So luckily when i visited a few days later, i not only got to take a peek at the controller and its real life counterpart in person, but also had an opportunity to see exactly how the real guitars are made! (and it is truly an amazing process, so many more steps of skilled craftsmen than i ever imagined, but more to come on that soon!)

Take a peek at the next page to see lots of pics of the Rickenbacker 325 alongside the Beatles Rock Band Controller ~ as well as peeks into the factory and renderings of the controller!



Early 90’s era John Lennon poster hanging on the doors to the woodshop in the Rickenbacker factory

Exclusive pictures of inside the Rickenbacker factory: 325c64 guitars ready to be shipped out

The 325c64 model and the Beatle’s Rockband controller side by side in the Rickenbacker Museum in Santa Ana, CA


The Rickenbacker Museum houses the personal collection of John Hall, CEO of Rickenbacker International Corporation, and is an assortment of exclusive prototypes and models produced by Rickenbacker over the course of its 78 years in business

John Lennon Limited Edition guitar which was produced between the years of 1990- 1993

This full-scale limited edition guitar retains many of the features of the original three-quarter scale 325c64




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Will this controller work with Guitar Hero also?

----- Linda 18.09.09 10:23

This is great! As the owner and player of a couple Rickenbackers, I really enjoy this post. Going to the factory would be amazing!

----- Austin 18.09.09 08:14

Love it!!!!!

----- Arielle 17.09.09 12:58

So many exclamation points!

----- c-dub 17.09.09 12:16

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