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Inside the Incase Studio- 09.08.09

incasestud0.jpg While in SF, between the madness i simply had to make time to stop by and visit the folks behind the incredible products and packaging of Incase! If you haven’t noticed over the years, i’m a bit of an Incase junkie ~ their design aesthetic, product concepts and details, and their understated hyper-functional stunning packaging skills are just irresistible. The user experience of their products from the time you see an image of them, or spot it on the street or in a store… to the time it’s in your hands being unboxed and being put to good use ~ is just so well thought out. No wonder their tagline is “A better experience through good design.”

Well, i’m honored they let me take a peek into their SF studio space, and it was just as inspiring and minimalist as you’d imagine. Clean black and whites ~ turn tables, couches, and a bathroom waiting for your doodles…. wiped clean weekly, and re/decorated by everyone that visits… check out some of their boxes i had yet to see in person… and the patterns that magically transform into those bags we love… and perhaps most interesting, what inspires THEM! A fantastic mix of goodies discovered while shopping in japan interspersed with their products greet you in their gallery space… on to the pics on the next page!

























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How funny - they’re in the building next to me! But I never see them come and go, and the building looks a little desolate (though also next to the former Yelp HQ), so for a long time I wondered whether it was just a sign on the building or whether there was a true blue office. What an amazing workspace - and design aesthetic through and through!

----- Connie 14.09.09 00:37

Do you need an Italian Designer with a lot of experience?

----- cristian 09.09.09 23:54

Oh my goodness, this must have been sweeter than heaven for a design-tech junkie! I know I would have peed my pants! Hahahah.

----- Masa 09.09.09 14:40

@ Warren:


… and I agree this seems like an amazing workplace.

----- R083R70 09.09.09 12:47

I walk past that building all the time going to BART or School and I’d NEVER think an amazing space like that exist in those walls (seriously walking past the alley beside the building reeks).

That Rouge Status bag is too sexy! I love Incase products, I’m even more in love with their packaging (I keep all of it). They are a great designed company.

Ugh, it must be amazing to work there!

----- Moha 08.09.09 21:31

I’d give up a major organ to work in a cool office like that! Seriously, any CEO from a hip, trendy company that needs a kidney, maybe a lung? Call me.

----- The Slapster 08.09.09 18:34

What a treat. You’re so lucky just to have access to places like this and to get to meet the people behing the products we admire.
Did you find out what those cool squishy bicycle wall mounting things are?????

----- Warren 08.09.09 14:40

Ask them to provide open shots of their bags on their website.

Love their products but it would be nice to see the insides since there not a store around me where I can see an opened piece in the flesh.

Great products.

----- Susan 08.09.09 13:29

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