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John Green’s Embrace- 09.25.09

johngreen1.jpg I love bent plywood, and i love simple multipurpose pieces that are incredibly versatile… and when i spotted John Green’s Embrace shelf/table at Tent London out of the corner of my eye, i was smitten. And i wanted a few! Basically they are a pair of tables that can be interlocked to form a lovely floating shelf with room for magazines/etc to rest on the side. The first use case that popped into mind with this was - bedside table! And laptop resting in the shelf, such that when it got too hot on my lap in bed, i could grab the tray and flip it over my legs to lazily laptop in bed! With my current offi one i never know where to put it when not in use! It’s too shallow for a side table, to big to slide under the bed…. this would be perfect! And its so beautiful! No wonder why its been winning awards!






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Thanks notcot, I absolutely love this table/storage unit, so I did some more research and have found you can buy this through a website called: www.snow-home.co.uk. I ordered mine today :)

----- jess 29.09.09 01:17

This is fantastic - as they say, the simple ideas areoften the best.

I’ve just been on his site and they’re not for sale yet (as far as I can see) so here’s hoping that John can get it to market before one of the big horrible ‘home stores’ steals his rather stylish thunder!

----- Pete 28.09.09 03:42

John Green I love you, It´s a wonderful piece of work!

----- Majo Rosa 25.09.09 14:16

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