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Icecreamists Sex Pistol Cocktail- 09.27.09

icesexpistols1.jpg Far more exciting than design week, everywhere i went i heard “You HAVE to go get ice cream at Selfridges!”… which seemed bizarre until i found out about the Icecreamists, and now i must tell you, “You HAVE to go get ice cream at Selfridges!” Before i get into the space and concept itself though, their The Infamous Sex Pistol Ice Cream deserved a post all on its own… “Natural stimulants & Absinthe Ice Cream. A classic Fior di Latte or Milk Ice Cream blended with Ginkgo Biloba, Arginine and Guarana for blood flow and energy. Scented with a gentle infusion of citrus zest. Topped with a shot of La Fee Absinthe. Strictly only one per person. Served with a complimentary Icecreamist badge.” The London Paper deemed this the “Viagra Ice Cream”… but realizing that the absinthe was served out of an iv drip, i simply HAD to order it. Also, this ended up being breakfast with a friend, so a little pick me up didn’t help before a full day of shopping in the saturday high street crowds. To take a look at the process and the cocktail itself, check out the pics on the next page! More to come on The Icecreamists soon!

and while i don’t normally love absinthe, this was rather delicious…






Here’s the badge that came with it (as you can see, i had my big proper camera for this one! the ice cream adventure was a shopping day, so was shooting with the little p+s)

The other cocktail that sounded intriguing… the champagne lollies, Pink Fizz Pop Attention

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you had this for breakfast!?! livin’ on the edge of craziness - ha.

----- kristy 05.10.09 12:11

curse you for linking the icecreamists website! that theme song is stuck in my brain now.

----- tony 29.09.09 12:03

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