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Mighty Girl NOTCOT Interview- 09.04.09

Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl did an interview with me for the Gap “Born To _____” Campaign… you can check out the interview. but even more fun, on the next page as an added bonus to go with it, i’ve finally decided to share a bit more of what my “office” is like in my house! So be nice, and don’t mind the mess ~ it’s a real work space, not a staged set up… i shot the pics bright and early before hitting the road to drive up to SF at 7am! But you can get a peek at the things that surround and inspire me! Pics on the next page…














14 Notes

May I hang out in your office? itso cool.
btw, did you ever source chemical beakers and flasks.
share the info, babe.

----- babamoto 06.10.10 14:29

I am envious!

----- Anaska 06.09.09 11:23

I love that so many of the things you post on NOTCOT, you actually own…haha. Seems like that would be obvious, but I never made that assumption before. It’s cool to see that if you like an artist/designer, you don’t just like them, you support them!

----- Anna 06.09.09 07:57

ahahaha!! LOVE IT! it’s like a messy kind of neat that’s messy but clean.

----- OK 06.09.09 00:53

That’s so funny…..my room is something like yours….i have a lot of figures that i have been bought (toki doki, fatcap, simpsons, cannibal funfair, scavengers, wish come true, dunny, labbits, etc) and I also have some Audrey Wakasaki work (one print of She Who Dares).
So, I love your Style!!!!!!!!!!!!!

----- ARE 05.09.09 10:38

What is the name of the giant beanbag chair/ottoman thingy you’re sitting on with your laptop? Looks uber comfy :)

----- Beth 05.09.09 05:12

awesome! ive been keeping up with ur website for the past year and i think its really really well done! u really hit a broad spectrum! i have this website as my home page. and i remember some of the things that u posted that r in ur office. keep up the great work!

----- alonzo 04.09.09 22:24

Love it!

Man that is a SWEEET tv stand. Awesome audrey pic as well.

----- steven 04.09.09 13:42

great idea! i also love to see other,s place… and yours is great as notcot

----- niko 04.09.09 13:28

Thanks for sharing!! :) I’m a huge fan of seeing how artists/designers keep their space. I love.love.love. the way your office looks and am GREEN WITH ENVY at the Audrey piece you have hanging on your wall. ♥

----- grace 04.09.09 11:20

very nice place for working

----- benjamin 04.09.09 11:20

Lovely office, Jean. I’m jealous you were able to get one of the Brian Viveros “Mess with the Bull” prints! Awesome setup :)

----- Mike 04.09.09 11:04

Awesome! I always love seeing other creatives’ workspaces. Would love to see the rest of the place.

Btw, what type of camera/lens setup do you use? Your photos always looks so nice.

----- Jeff 04.09.09 07:15

You have a fun space! It’s cool to see that you read QC as well; I’ve been a reader of it for quite some time now :)

----- Louise 04.09.09 04:14

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