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Bloomframe is REAL!- 09.02.09

bloom1.jpg The Bloomframe is a reality! Not that it wasn’t real before when i posted about it about 2.5 years ago, but now its in production!!! There is something so thrilling about watching these ideas grow and garner so much interest as concepts and make it into working production models! And don’t take my word for it… there’s even a VIDEO! See the video and more pics on the next page! If i had a second story, i’d definitely want one!

“The Bloomframe® balcony, designed by Hofman Dujardin Architects and developed and manufactured by Hurks geveltechniek, is the winner of the prestigious Wallpaper* Design Award 2009 in the category Most-life-enhancing-product.” Additionally it’s picked up - 1st prize Audi Design Award 2008, 1st prize Red Dot Design Award 2008 Germany, Nomination Index Design Award 2009 Denmark, Nomination Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany 2009, and Nomination MKB Innovation Top 100 2009. And there are various options/sizes/etc ~ take a peek at more pics (and the video!) on the next page!

p.s. first thing going through this with a friend… his reaction was “watch out for upskirt cams!” ~ and then someone else said it should magically tint itself as it opens… just a thought…









CONGRATS to Hofman Dujardin Architects on making the award winning Bloomframe a reality!

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7 Notes

woooooooow i like it. it’s very useful. also new idea in architecture

----- marbby 15.10.10 02:17

I would like to know the price on one of these. Interested in putting it into a nightclub setting…

----- Michael 09.10.09 10:27

What a cool idea - but can I get this in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada? How much for a small (for a bachelor pad) be and then cost for shipping?

----- mark senier 16.09.09 11:53

such a smart idea! simple and natural. why didn’t i think of that…

----- Ben 16.09.09 07:53

exellent idea for our small area

----- mukesh 06.09.09 04:56

OMG - it’s like “girl in a box” the photos are pretty trippy! Would love to see one installed on a building.

----- carrie @ bloomacious.com 03.09.09 14:25

Or a venetian type frit for the lower panel, that shifts slightly so that it is banded when closed, and opaque when open

----- Jonas 02.09.09 22:47

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