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Nano Cages by Troy Abbott- 09.27.09

nanocage.jpg Troy Abbott’s Nano Cage - “All digital beauty. No Mess or Mortality.” Came across this piece at Tent Digital at Tent London 2009, and it was hard to ignore, adorable little digital finches living in gps sized screens inside colorful bird cages… my favorite is of course the Yoko which lives in the classic bird cage in a matte black. In fact, all of these are even available for purchase!

While i can’t possibly imagine having one of these replacing the joy of having an adorable little bird accompanying you… it’s an intriguing concept mixing nature and technology, and it’s certainly fascinating to watch… so take a peek at more pics and a quick video i made while at the show on the next page!




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well, it’s interesting if you think that when you have this virtual bird, you set a real one free =).

----- Michelle 08.10.09 09:30

interesting concept.

intriguing to say the least…it’s like having a bird, but without feeding it or cleaning after it

----- Richard 28.09.09 21:53

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