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Rickenbacker Guitar Factory Tour - Part 1/3- 09.18.09

rickmain0.jpg As promised in the last post showing you the Beatles Rock Band controller versus the actual Rickenbacker 325~ here’s a peek into how Rickenbacker guitars are actually made! I had so many pictures because their whole process is so fascinating that instead of cutting TOO many of them, i’m making this a three parter… so first, come take a peek into the woodshop on the next page! Stunning how these beautiful pieces of wood get transformed into the guitars we know and love…




Rickenbacker woodshop: Model 4001c64 bass neck headstock ears being


Bass headstock shaped on CNC machine

alternate view



Pearlescent inlays are glued by hand in the fretboards.


The back of the neck is uniformally sanded after the fretboards are


Bass bodies shaped on the CNC machine


Rickenbacker’s glue room

Body binding is masterfully glued on by hand

Vat of glue—the “behive” holes ensure uniform application of glue in the
neck-to-body joint


Woodshop: Model 381v69 guitar body phenolic spoilboard—Quick demo of
toolpath process on the CNC machines

Gasket/vacuum channel detail of 381 body spoilboard

330 body interior after being routed out on the CNC machines

The Rickenbacker Factory Series:
1. The Beatles Rock Band controller versus the actual Rickenbacker 325
2. peek into the woodshop
3. Painting and electronic components and finishing
4. A look at the museum - incredible design details from vintage pieces, limited editions, and concepts that never made it to market…

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7 Notes

So cool! Too bad they don’t offer a factory tour like PRS, Carvin, Martin, Taylor and Gibson! Seeing how they achieve those curves in the wood would be AMAZING! Come on John! Let us in for a peak!!

----- Jake 04.02.13 19:12

I own a 1957 prototype Ricky almost like the combo 850. It has beautiful all natural maple wood. The body has these great grooves that match it’s shape.
They would have been hand done in 1957, no CNC stuff, I wonder how they did them. The first picture shows grooves around edge of body mine are on top of the body.

----- Toby 26.11.11 01:03

Always been a fan of Richkenbacher guitars, looks great and sounds greats, keep up the good work!!

----- Arturo M. Garcia 10.06.11 03:43

“HA! Look at all the people in the pictures: They look kinda… Ethnic? I thought Rickenbacker was a family based, non-outsourcing, all American guitar company?”

They make everything in Santa Ana California, so I don’t see how it can be called outsousrcing. Judging from your comment it seems like you’d prefer that only WHITE people make your guitars, right Hitler?

----- Machetazo 25.01.11 08:00

HA! Look at all the people in the pictures: They look kinda… Ethnic? I thought Rickenbacker was a family based, non-outsourcing, all American guitar company?

Where’s John Hall? Usually his name is all over the place.

----- Yaweh 24.01.11 12:58

FANTASTIC! Nice pictures of the Rickenbacker manufacturing process. More pictures please.

----- Thomas Vanko 11.07.10 08:16

very cool, thanks for this.

----- victor 18.09.09 13:59

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