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Unboxing The Beatles: Rock Band- 09.09.09

beatlesrockbandMAIN.jpg Happy 9/9/9 ~ it’s been quite a day! On awesome launches that are hard to miss, The Beatles Rock Band came out today, and it was impossible not to share an unboxing of the goods with you! For starters the imagery is stunning (gorgeous intro video on the next page!) ~ and the custom guitars are adorable mini-plasticized simplified versions of their normal forms… The front of the kick-drum is like those frisbees or carshades where you can twist it up into a smaller disc when not in use (you know the type, it pops open instantly?)… and the pedal is beautifully detailed with Beatles-ness. There is also a set of postcards included… so anyhow, take a peek at it all! I picked up the full kit for PS3 and the Rickenbacker…











Love their website design too…

it seems down at the moment, but hopefully it comes back, here’s the embed for the game intro!

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I love the style they took for this particular project, the vectors and the illustrations and just so outstanding and they give you this warm feeling that you are truly going to revive that experience of hearing (and perhaps, feel like a) Beatles.

----- Raul 12.09.09 17:06

can’t wait to get my hands on them!

----- sufina 10.09.09 05:59

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