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Anthropologie: Man Shops Globe- 10.07.09

anthropologie00.jpg Last night popped over to the Beverly Hills Anthropologie down the street to celebrate the launch of the new Sundance Channel Show Man Shops Globe ~ and some late night shopping, some Stella Artois and Ferrero Rocher too of course… While normally not so much a reality TV person, this one is pretty fun! I love Anthropologie, and global shopping, and in this show you get to explore the world with Keith Johnson, buyer-at-large for Anthropologie, as he scopes out everything from St. Ouen Flea Market in Paris, the Kapalicarsi Grand Bazaar in Istanbul and Piet Botha’s Craft Shop in Cape Town… it’s a shopaholics dream. Did you know they actually shop for all the one offs strewn across the stores… and absolutely anything you see in a store (furniture, displays, etc) are ALL for sale?!?!?! I had no idea… on that note, take a peek at a preview vid as well as some pics of the very cute (and huge!) beverly hills store ~ the succulent and bromeliad displays were my favorite of course…








This was just too funny… her legs lined up with the pile of coats so perfectly…












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6 Notes

We live in South Africa and cannot seem to get enough of your show.

It is completely amazing and inspirational.

Niki and Raymond Westraadt
Port Elizabeth
South Africa

----- Nicoline Westraadt 08.11.12 21:40

I don’t shop the store that much. for me it’s not a destination. but by flipping channels I happen to see man shops in Paris and boom I was hooked. I have been to 5 different stores in the past month. It’s great to see that they really hunt for the unusual, offbeat and must haves.

I love it when he takes his sister-n-law along. I love her purse! Was that ever an Anthropologie item?

----- robin s 19.11.09 23:32

jealousy and love all combined into one. so unfair!! What a spectacular job.

----- betsy and iya 23.10.09 15:27

Anthropologie has such impressive merchandising. Shopping there is such an inspiration even if you don’t buy anything.

It will be cool to see how the show goes.

----- Justin Sullivan 12.10.09 19:18

Do you have any art work shown in the Oct 10, 2009 trip to France? The artist was a young French woman who lived in a small village in the south of France.

----- Suzanne Geier 11.10.09 13:29

Oh wow, I hadn’t heard about this show before! But as a lover of Anthropologie & world travel, I can’t wait. :) And oooh, that coat with the faux-fur trim in photo five makes me drool…

----- Charissa 07.10.09 09:08

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