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Brio Network 1-1.5- 10.31.09

briotech1.jpgBrio Network Collection ~ first time seeing it in person, i just noticed it in a tiny kids play cubby hole in Magasin 3 in Stockholm! Between the lovely space and works i totally got sucked into photographing these very well played with and possibly chewed on little woody guys reenacting how computers work… from emails to viruses and search and more! If you recall, i’ve written about Series 1 here and here in the past… but this is the first look at them up close, now i’m so tempted to try to track down the full set!

for americans, i found a few at Amazon: Brio Network Toys!










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Hello Marni, I don’t know if you were able to solve your “problem” with Zed last Christmas… if not, and you’re still interested, I suggest you to steadily check the German eBay (ebay.de). It is the only way you can find your Zed, I am speaking by personal experience… it took me several months, but I could finally get one. Brio is HUGE in Germany and chances are that you’ll even find a new one (odd lot) for a reasonable price, like it happened to me. Whish you luck!

----- Julia 14.05.12 12:03

Hey, this is worth a shot! My son has been collecting the BRIO network sets since he was 2 years old. Now that he is 5, they are STILL his favorite toy to play with. He has every single little guy, except for Zed. It is what he has asked Santa for, in fact! I have searched the internet, in all ways that I can think of, for at least 2 years, and have never been able to find a Zed to purchase anywhere. I can tell that you love your sets and completely understand if you can bear to part with them, but I thought it was worth asking if you would consider selling your Zed (or trading him for any number of the other characters!) … just the guy (and I can see he has lost one of his antennae) or even better, Zed and his vehicle. Thanks so much for considering it. I am located in San Diego, California. Best to you and happy holidays!!

----- Marni Piedrahita 18.12.11 08:35

As a wooden toy supplier, I am definitely fascinated by these lovely designs. Some of the items are made of wood and they are not easy to make according to all the production processes so far. Anyway, the best part is the philosophy behind this - an interpretation of the network through the annotation of track sets. I mean track set is a classic and common item in the wooden toy industry but gosh I like the new clothes of it!
Bravo is the only word I can think of.

----- Liam 31.10.09 11:37

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