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Dyson Air Multiplier Fan Launch NYC- 10.14.09

dysonlaunch0.jpg The Dyson Air Multiplier Fan is inescapable since its launch two days ago ~ and to be honest, i’m a huge dyson fan (honestly, smart innovative tech/science for everyday products with gorgeous design and sleek packaging, what’s not to love?)… so instead of showing you the usual press photos, how about a peek into the really fun launch! You know Dyson, they don’t overlook any design details, so as expected, everything from the custom tees on the all black tee/pants dressed fan plug-in-ers to the adorable mini BLT branded mini toasts to the bottom lit displays with cable captures (think half cable turtles) for perfect length cords when displayed… also, when it comes to a product like this, while the object itself and the technology are fascinating, there is something truly awesome about being able to watch a crowd of people respond and react to it for the first time (or perhaps that is just my voyeuristic inner user experience junkie!)… So take a peek at everything from the stunning sunset river views to launch reactions to the munchies to the beautiful displays and Dyson Air Multiplier Fans on the next page!




















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Message for Ryan:

Still got that ceiling fan/light/filter you designed in high school?

----- Jef 26.10.11 15:21

Is there different sizes ?????
When and where is it available.
What is the cost.
Thanx Ray

----- Ray Cowley 13.07.10 10:30

They look like really expensive high tech hair dryers from a distance.

----- Nikki Thomas 20.10.09 12:00

They looks like magic stuffs…Hmmmm…Technology technology…

----- Liam Zhu 16.10.09 20:49

Firstly I will say I love Dyson products.
It does look slick but in all the promo shots and films I’ve not seen a hair move on anyone’s head?
Of course it’s approaching summer in the southern hemisphere but is it a bad time for fan sales to launch mid October in the more populated North?
Still, maybe it’ll blow hot air at me if I stand one in front of the fire. (Please don’t try this at home).

----- Loxford 16.10.09 11:04

Interestingly, this still uses a fan to drive the air in the bottom canister area before it comes out of the ring… It looks great, but getting rid of the fan? Hardly

----- James 15.10.09 17:33

Also, I am not sure I personally find traditional “choppy” fans to be a problem. I think that is a personal preference. I like the dynamics of “choppy” flow. I think that a better marketing strategy would have been to look at energy comparisons/efficiency, operating noise, number of parts required and filtration effects of ionized air.

Again, IF it is electrostatic fan; no blades in base. I assume so.

----- Ryan 15.10.09 14:29

If there really are no fan blades, then it is the same technology as the Sharper Image Ionic Breeze; asymmetrical capacitor or electrostatic fan. (The Sharper Image fan just moves much slower and has a different arrangement.) It moves from by high voltage flow of electricity in the capacitor. The Dyson fan’s base houses the power supply and transformer. The upper circle houses the positive and negative rings (positive is wirelike and the negative is wider like a foil; hence the term asymmetrical capacitor.) The electrical flow from positive to negative pulls the air with it causing airflow. When tuned just right the airflow is extremely silent. (See Thomas Townsend Brown). Look up “lifters” on youtube and see what they can do when applied to flight, I built one years ago… (Dispute exists as to if this capacitor is functional in a vacuum or not. There are many “lifter” folks who call it electrogravitic propulsion with the airflow being a secondary aspect.) In any case it is a novel use of airflow that I have been waiting to see applied…finally.

I actually designed one of these as a ceiling fan/light/air filter for a school project years ago.

----- Ryan 15.10.09 14:24

@ Chris….

Ceiling fan with an equally innovative approach to lighting….no that’s whoa!

----- Steven 15.10.09 09:55

I’m with Chris. I love smart design, but wow, all this for a FAN. It’s funny what we get so excited about just because of hype. Trust, me, I fall into that trap as well, but $300 for a fan? I’d rather spend $10 for one and give the rest to charity.

----- tony 15.10.09 09:35

Yeah someone else who notices the choppy sensation when a regular fan is blowing air at me. It’s like being under a helicopter. Dyson melts my butter!

Seriously?!! $300 for an effing fan! I would feel like the biggest knob wearing a shirt that says no buffeting and handing out little snacks to people get sucked into his marketing. In the end it’s just a fan and does anyone really want spend 10 times the amount that you could have just to cool down?

At least it doesn’t look like his missle-spaceship-nuclear-robot-vacuums.

All that being said, it would make a cool ceiling fan if all you had was just the ring.

----- Chris 15.10.09 06:39

Yeah, a video would be Nice.

Why Dyson is always using lame colors btw ?

----- Pixel 15.10.09 02:12

Great product, I hope this bring back attention to the fan in more european/north american countries.

The design is a nice improvement for dyson - I think their previous vacuum cleaner-inspired washing machine was horrid.

----- mike 14.10.09 21:25

No blades? There must be some sort of blade or impeller to accelerate the air over the airfoil. Right? Lets see a close up of the cut away.

----- Steven 14.10.09 19:13

perfect for the upcoming summer in the southern hemisphere :D

----- tricky 14.10.09 18:46

Amazing photos, Jean!! Like Jes above, I’d love to see video :)

Having had plenty of time to digest the Air Multiplier myself, I’d have to say my favorite photo is of the sushi tray. How effing cool is that??!!

----- Mike Payne 14.10.09 18:07


----- Maree 14.10.09 14:34

DId you get any videos of it Jean? I want to see just how powerful they are. They look pretty amazing that’s for sure!

----- Jes 14.10.09 14:34

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