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Dyson’s 20 Uses For The Old Buffeting Blade- 10.14.09

dysonbook0.jpg So that sudden redeye from SF to NY (you know, the one that left my poor new carnivorous plants hanging out in my car in SFO somewhere) it is for the Dyson Air Multiplier Fan launch ~ and just between you and i, it took everything inside me not to get all fan girl while meeting James Dyson, and he was so incredibly nice (smart too of course!). But while i have lots of pics of the launch as well as the fans themselves… first things first ~ how adorable is the press kit? Stunning, sleek little brushed stainless usb key on a wire keychain attached to a book describing how not to waste those OLD fan blades that are now being rendered obsolete? (nearly?) ~ So, had to share with you “The demise of the buffetting blade: 20 Uses for the old buffetting blade” and adorably cheeky little book, my quick hotel shots may not fully do it justice, but you’ll get the idea, and perhaps a quick giggle too. So flip through the details with me on the next page…



















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Nice idea, well executed. Adapts the “air amplifier” method where compressed air carries along a larger volume of adjacent still air when it expands. Commonly employed for industrial applications- though at $300 each, won’t quickly become a consumer hit (maybe a consumer icon, though). A much better product than their “air knife” hand dryer, which sprays water at the user, and insists you squeeze your wet hands into a narrow (and dirty) slot.

----- gregb 14.10.09 11:17

I saw this on the Today Show, and I’m pretty sure Matt Lauer totally had a man-crush on James Dyson too while he was explaining how it worked. Any clue if these books are available to the public? They are so cool!

----- Hannah B. 14.10.09 10:22

Who makes this cute little USB key chains? I would love one!!!

----- Jzachly 14.10.09 09:16

The USB looks amazing!

3 more uses for the Dyson Fanless Fan….

----- Alan Eagle 14.10.09 06:25

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