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Fire at the Broad Summit 09- 10.10.09

fire1.jpg Just a quick peek at last nights festivities ~ i’m currently at the Broad Summit at the Boon Hotel up in the Russian River Valley ~ what is it? “So. You may be wondering what this party is all about. In short, The Broad Summit was an idea hatched over Margaritas at SxSW. Maggie has “organize a retreat” on her life list, Aubrey is a party planner, Laura Mayes is a conference organizer, and Helen Jane supplies wine and cheese for the entire Internet. We talked about how fun it would be to have our blogger friends in one place for the weekend. Tipsily laid plans don’t often come to much, but we’re an unusually efficient group.” Basically its like a blogger/tech ladies summer camp (fall camp?) of sorts, but with wine, massages, bonfires, pajama parties, hot tubs, and fun sponsors! So, yes, i’m totally at a tech conference north of SF… and the bonfire was so pretty, had to share a few quick pics with you! (More random pics keep popping up over on my twitter) ~ so first take a peek at the awesome fire, and the surroundings on the next page!










Just had to add a few more of my favorite pics of scenes from the Broad Summit






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I found the mention of your event via Mimi Smartypants, followed it to the event site, found your link there — JUST LOVE your wonderful photos and cool intro to the weekend… makes me very keen on earning a slot there… someday… maybe… but finding “my kinda blogger” through it is plenty reward for me right now — nice to find you!


----- GirlPie 19.10.09 22:27

Your images of the Broad Summit are sharp.
Great eye. Great documentation.

----- Beth 17.10.09 04:07

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