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California Carnivores- 10.11.09

CAcarnivores0.jpg I was heading to Petaluma from the Broad Summit ~ and just as i was getting out of Sebastapol i did a double take, pulled the car over, made a u-turn, and popped into California Carnivores in hopes it was open (it was late afternoon on a sunday) ~ and it WAS! And it is AMAZING. Apparently it is the “largest carnivorous plant shop in the united states”!!! AND omg. wow. you HAVE to see how stunning (and huge) this place and their plants and their kiddie pools filled with more plants in the process are… Good news is that they are carnivorous plant obsessed, extremely informative, super nice, and you can order online and they will ship anywhere in the US (he was even describing their intense packing process for shipping, and after hearing about it i’m confident to order more soon!) ~ but for now, i couldn’t resist and currently have a box of 4 in my car… SO beautiful. They are so incredibly inspiring, take a peek at the pics of many species i have never seen up close before!

On unexpected discoveries, next time you’re up in wine country california style ~ California Carnivores is a definite stop not to be missed!


































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14 Notes

Carnivores plants are a rare sight. This is the first time I’m seeing those plants’ picture outside school books. :)

----- Wilson 11.05.10 18:53

Nice pics of these amazing plants and lots of work to grow in a greenhouse. Check out the variety of rainforest pitcher plants from Malaysia and Borneo at http://www.nature-escapes-kuala-lumpur.com/pitcher-plants.html

----- Rick 27.01.10 02:41

Thank you for the tip, NOTCOT! I drove up to California Carnivores last weekend, and it was absolutely awesome! You guys are the best!

----- Lizok 20.10.09 16:13

How cool!! I ordered a few of my first carnivores from there, and it’s great to see pics of the actual nursery!

----- Kegan Fisher 15.10.09 20:24

Nice post, thank you! But in an odd way, this seems more like the kind of thing one would find on detroitblog.org rather than notcot.com (except obviously it’s in California instead of Detroit). Something about carnivorous plants (and shopkeepers who love them) just seems so Detroit to me. I’ll have to ponder why that is…

----- brian 13.10.09 12:12

carnivorous plant lovers in the UK will also enjoy the stunning footage of venus flytraps from this week’s episode of ‘life’, the new attenborough series: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p004p9np

----- rugenius 13.10.09 04:38

WOW! I love carnivorous plants and I always wondered if someone specialized exclusively.

Thanks for all of the great photos. They have such a huge variety of beautiful things! I had no idea there were so many cool ones.

Thanks notcot

----- Justin Sullivan 12.10.09 19:14

wow lovely little gems! I dig the coloring as well- bright green and reds! Makes me want to make a little terrarium set up like they have.

----- shannon 12.10.09 18:52

I would have loved to be the designer that got to say ‘God put out a brief saying that she wanted a new range of plants and this is what I came up with…’

----- Jordan 12.10.09 14:27

stunning ~ I’m so inspired ! Thanks for making the u-turn : )

----- elissa 12.10.09 12:37

You are so my Hero. When I grow up… Also - what kind of camera are you packin’? Your photos are brilliant!
Cheers from the Rican.

----- Javier 12.10.09 10:51

My favourite place to get them! The owner is Peter d’Amato; his book Savage Garden is brilliant.

----- Nick porcino 12.10.09 09:21

this is the best thing all week/month/year. this place and these photos are crazy. thanks for sharing.

----- brandi strickland 12.10.09 08:57

Amazing photos! That first photo is magic, I’d love to add some of those gems to my garden. :)

----- Mike 11.10.09 23:44

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