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Levi’s Go Forth ARG- 10.07.09

levis1.jpg Mmmm, who doesn’t love surprise packages in brown paper tied up with string? This latest mysterious piece of mail comes from the very awesome folks at W+K teasing me about their new ARG (Alternative Reality Game), Levis Go Forth, that just launched yesterday! (You twitter followers will recall i gave you a heads up when we were 20 min from the start!) SO what is it? Well, you’ll have to take a peek into the package on the next page… but from what i can gather we have the opportunity to win G.O. Fourth’s fortune of $100,000. Mixing part story, part scavenger hunt adventure, and part puzzle game ~ between online, word of mouth, real world events and more layered across the country and internet ~ we’re currently in Phase Two of this adventure where the Online intersects with Reality… Phase Three is all about the Real World… and in Nov the final phase will narrow things down to 100 finalists to solve the final puzzle… SO, game on? See what was in the mysterious envelope on the next page!





“Legend has it that Grayson Ozias IV was a friend of Levi Strauss’ nephew Nathan and explored America in the 1890s. In 1896 he disappeared into the American wilderness, after hiding his fortune in the hope of spurring others to go forth and seek adventure. Levi’s archivists were able to recover wax recordings Grayson made, detailing his travels and hinting at the final hiding place of his fortune.”

Just because ~ well, you know how i am ~ i couldn’t help myself and deconstructed the envelope to see what layers were within… turns out it’s a charcoal bag? maybe that’s a clue. maybe its just an envelope.



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I wonder whether this makes you want to buy jeans?

----- Colin Wan 06.11.09 10:46

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar!

----- Satori 07.10.09 18:21

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