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Swedese Libri- 10.04.09

libri0.jpg I love libraries, books, bookshelves, and since i was a little girl i’ve always wanted one of those massive libraries with a rolling ladder to climb and slide around on… maybe that’s part of the inevitable draw i have to leaning bookshelves. Combine that with a sleek, slim, modular swedish design in stunning blacks and whites and you’ve got me. When i came across the Swedese Libri shelving unit at Tom Dixon’s The Dock. Favorite aspects, they are slim, yet wide enough to stack my favorite bigger design books every which way interspersed with objects, and simple enough to fill a wall with half a dozen units and still have it look beautiful… or even attach them to each other for non-wall-leaning freestanding units. It’s always bad news when you see, fall for, and already envision exactly how something would fit into your space. Take a peek at more pics of it in context, in real life at The Dock, and product shots ~ on the next page!

On more details:
Shelf, which can be used as a solitary shelf or which can be combined with additional Libri shelves alongside against the wall, back to back thus becoming free standing or several shelves in a row out from the wall creating a room divider. The Libri shelf has adjustable legs, that can be adjusted also after the installation. Brackets for installation against the wall, and for linking between the Libri comes with each Libri shelf we deliver.

Measurements: W 38 H 227 D 29,5
Material: Ash wood in white or black lazur finish.

Designer: Michael Bihain










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I really love this bookshelves from swedese and of course the lamino fåtölj

----- sven 27.11.12 09:47

Unfortunately you forgot to credit us!! - The photographs of the Libri shelves are shown on our shops stand ‘TYE+CO’ at The Dock during the Design Festival. Our retail shop is in East London and we sell Swedese alongside a careful selection of furniture, lighting and accessories - including my own collection. They are a fantastic product. We are offering these at a special price of £642 each to your readers. Contact us on 020 7536 9291 or info@tye3d.com

----- Andrew 06.10.09 07:16

Whilst I appreciate good design and try to support designers, I can’t really justify the $1000 per unit price (£676 at the lollipop shoppe)… that’d be $4000 for the layout I want.

This could be a huge mainstream success and probably will be once someone like ikea does their take on it. I’ll (sadly) be holding out for the cheaper imitation or possibly even getting someone locally to make it for me (at 1/3 of the price, I expect).

I’d love to hear the reason why they’ve taken the top of the market route. I guess it’s just to try and build reputation and increase the value of future designs.

----- Graham 05.10.09 06:11

I want these! I NEED these!

----- Mitzi Y. 04.10.09 19:42

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