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Cowshed- 10.02.09

cowshedmore00.jpg On fun brands and packaging, after visiting the Mr. & Mrs. Smith HQ in Chiswick ~ grabbed a lovely brunch with my sister and couldn’t help popping into the ever adorable and enticing Cowshed. I won’t lie, the mix of black and white vector prints with just a splash of single color, combined with cheeky names like “horny cow” and “knackered cow”, lovely scents, and even custom lined hunter boots… of course i loved it. But beyond that, it was fun to read up on the background of the company which launched in 1998 originally for use in the Cowshed spa in Babington House, Somserset, is actually part of the Soho House Group, and is used in all of their venues (including NY!)… and i was delighted (amidst the fever boiling up within me) to happen across the one airport location you can find them last night as well… Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Lounges!

So take a peek ~ while the shop girl panicked slightly a the idea of letting me take pics in the store to share with you, you can see the few i picked up to try (and they were SO fun and awesome as tested out in NY) ~ and an overview of the packaging style on the next page!



In all honesty, i was a bit disappointed that gift wrapping in store wasn’t prettier and more presentable… but it seems like online there are better options with their signature gift boxes.





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Consistent well done packaging is a must. I think this one strikes a good balance between consistency and a unique fun design.

----- Seattle Architect 05.10.09 10:19

LOVE the cool packaging :)

----- Andrea 05.10.09 04:32

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