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The History of the Evisu Seagull- 10.01.09

evisu00.jpg While its fascinating (and exciting!) that Evisu is evolving once again ~ and this time with newly appointed CEO/Creative Director, Scott Morrison, at the helm. As a former Paper Denim & Cloth junkie ~ it’s hard not to be excited to see what Morrison is doing to reinvent Evisu while looking back to their heritage… For those who forgot, Morrison was also behind Paper Denim & Cloth as well as Earnest Sewn. While initially those Evisu Seagulls on the back pockets make me envision a denim lifestyle that never quite fit my own… when they sent over a few, i fell in love. They denim feels incredible as ever, just softly broken in enough, yet hugging you in all the right places… and the subtlety of the back pocket designs was just enough to grab your attention, but not enough to slap you in the face like so many can lately… (yes, i’m a little over the over embellished pockets, but also like pockets to have a bit of character!). Perhaps the most fascinating aspect of Evisu when i started looking into their heritage, was the evolution of the Seagull… and how the line came to be. It’s fun to see Morrison looking back at the heritage of the japanese line even with the separation from Evisu Japan.

The full story can be read on the next page, as well as lots of pics of the signature pocket designs… but for the short version: Hidehiko Yamane, a love of fine denim, founded the company in 1991 in Osaka. Having a hard time finding the finest quality pre-WWII selvege denim, he found a 50’s american shuttle loom and started the “replica movement” ~ his originals mimicking the Levi’s Original Red Tab 501XX… and my favorite part? He personally hand painted his Seagull logos on each pair! What i love about what Morrison has done with this, is he’s taken that hand painted logo and distressed it to a perfectly worn in subtlety, so noticeable, yet so understated. Take a peek at them on the next page!












On unexpected evisu appearances at london design week… check out this seating installation?

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3 Notes

This is truly an amazing story about dedication and determination to produce a highe-quality original product. I’m sure the Japanese were willing to pay top dollar for these nice threads. ;)

----- Margie K 02.10.09 10:30

I love that last photo. I thought that the two sets of jean legs the girl is sitting on were two real people until I saw the fake white mannequin legs in the background.

----- Nikki 01.10.09 09:51

it looks more like Rio de Janeiro’s Sugar Loaf mountain than a seagull

----- ana asch 01.10.09 08:29

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