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Absolut Black Cube Party- 11.02.09

absolutbox0.jpg While i seldom do party pics, i’m fascinated by Absolut and the way they brand experiences so nicely… This was their big 30th Anniversary Party for the Art Collection… and the lighting in the giant black cube they constructed for the party next to the Lydmar Hotel was this ominous mysterious structure that popped up while we were staying there, and they wouldn’t let us peek in until the event itself… so once in there with such cool lighting and visualizations and bands/djs playing… the pictures of the bar, the bottles and glasses, the scene, and the straws even! I just had to share! The colors came out so beautifully!

Also ~ i ran out tonight (day after the party) but was a bit too late to get black cube pics, however did get some very cool mid-deconstruction pics! If you see the pics on the next page, just imagine that covered in black…







Here’s a behind the scenes of a Cool Hunting video in the making…






Forgive me for having been too excited, tired, etc ~ but somehow i was so used to the giant black cube being next door to the Lydmar, i somehow never took a full on picture of it… really it was *just* a huge black cube! But when i ran over tonight (day after the party) it was mid way through deconstruction… which also looked fascinating, so i snuck around and took some pics… you can get the idea…


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