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Absolut Lydmar: Art Collection- 11.01.09

absolutlydmar0.jpg As you’ve seen, i love the Lydmar Hotel ~ i’m so happy i had a chance to stay there before it got completely transformed into an Absolut Art Collection haven the day after, so i could appreciate the contrast to what the space was normally like. (Not too much changed, just some rearranging and art hanging… i suppose it was too easy for Absolut when the starting space was such a nice fit already!) While i’m sure you’re familiar with many of these collaborations between Absolut and Sylvie Fleury, Dan Wolgers, David Shrigley, Douglas Gordon, and Hung Tung-Lu… what is really worth seeing is how the Absolut installations really work with the space, particularly in the suite! (The shadows are stunning! and the four poster bed? with the deceptively provocative duvet? I desperately want one now… you’ll see what i mean…) So take a peek on the next page to take it all in… quick video to show you how the lenticular piece of Hung Tung-Lu felt in person as well…

You guys are AMAZING, today particularly @chakrapenny who shared the designers of the naughty bedspread within 15 minutes of my call for help! So if you’re interested, check out K-Lou’s Erotic “Toile de joui” Collection.



The work of Hung Tung-Lu was around the lobby…



Entering the suite (furniture, etc. is as it is normally ~ only the art pieces were added by Absolut) Isn’t the bed stunning? So simple? So inviting?

On the bed is the work of Slyvie Fleury…

Not certain who the bedspread is by, but it’s so unassuming when the bed is made, with a textured grey… but once you flip it open you encounter far naughtier scenes…

The bottle rack of Dan Wolgers… i really just adore how beautifully it cast shadows on the walls of the room…





The work of Douglas Gordon… drenching the canvas for days paint stroke by paint stroke of absolut…

Hung Tung-Lu’s large piece left people wandering in and leaning side to side to get the sense of movement…

here’s the video to show you how the lenticular display looked as you moved across the room…

David Shrigley’s piece hung awkwardly high on the wall… so no that angle isn’t just because i’m short!

And of course, i had to check out the MASSIVE bathroom in this suite… bathtub + shower next to it… leather bench and full table in there as well… the bathroom was in the shape of a tetris L…

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