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Born In Sweden Watering Can- 11.03.09

wateringcan0.jpg And thus begins the posts from the all the Swedish shopping i couldn’t resist that led to an inevitable Rimowa purchase… It was really quite bizarre trying to explain to the US immigration fellow what i did and why i was declaring things like toys, a watering can, a bird feeder, a suitcase and more randomness on my customs form… somehow all of this leads to him telling me about how he’s retiring soon and looking to redecorate his house and chatting about products (with a huge line waiting behind me! Oh! The guilt!)

So firstly, the watering can i found at my favorite, Design Torget. I was smitten. So simple. So iconic. So multipurpose. (Come on, get creative… imagine serving drinks from it? crazy cocktail serving contraption for shots straight into your mouth?) Part of the Born in Sweden collection, this is the Watering Can designed by Pascal Charmolu. It was apparently a nominee for the Årets Sak Design Award 2008. A simple stainless steel cylinder with a rubber hose attached to the bottom… and a magnet holds the hose to the cylinder to stop the flow… and simply playing with gravity you can adjust the water flow and strength… It’s so fun! And can also make for a gorgeous vase as it sits on the shelf… Of course i bought the vibrant red. See more pics of the details and awesome packaging on the next page!

how awesome is the silhouette of the watering can?


Coming in a few simple options… Born In Sweden describe it as “Stylish and minimal, yet at the same time striking, this innovative design typifies Born in Sweden’s approach; functional, practical and always aesthetically pleasing. It is made of 18-0 stainless steel with a flexible silicone hose. The hose has a built-in magnet that allows it to be attached to the can’s body when not in use. When watering your plants, simply hold the metal cylinder with one hand and the hose in the other. To start or stop the water flow, just move the metal cylinder up or down. Available in brushed or mirror-polished steel finishes as well as glossy red or white powder-coated options. Volume: 1.5 liters.”








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2 Notes

It is stunning. However, from a purely functional standpoint, why would you design a watering can that requires two hands to use? Love your Karbon faucet BTW.

----- Lee 04.11.09 08:05

Iconic? Looks like a fire extinguisher! or a stick of dynamite!?

Awesome magnet function though!

----- Sven 03.11.09 19:23

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