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Party People Vacu Vin Glass Markers- 11.04.09

partypeople1.jpg These Vacu Vin Party People Glass Markers were first as NOTCOT.org #20816 ~ and when i ran into them in Stockholm, they were even cuter in person! So i had to buy some to play with! They are so adorably tiny with their little suction cups and fun packaging! So next time, instead of sharpie markers to a solo cup, or wine tags, or stickers, here’s a new option! Let your guests pick which adorable little gummy looking character they want to channel… they all even have names! (see pics on the next page!)

Apparently there are also Creepy Creatures and a Christmas Crowd available! (just noticed they are available on amazon)










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They work well if you get the “wee suction cups” slightly damp.

----- Francis 24.08.11 06:00

I saw these in a shop about six months ago and fell in love. Alas, when I brought them home I was really disappointed - cute as they are, I found them totally unusable. The wee suction cups are too weak to stick for more than a few minutes, the little guys just fall off the glasses. We even tried sticking them to the bottom of the inside of the glass, and they still wouldn’t stick. We tried them on glass, ceramic, and metal surfaces, on hot, room temp, and ice cold drinks, all with no joy.

----- Francesca 15.11.09 17:06

Wow! These are really cute. I love that they’re so small. Thanks for bringing these to my attention!

----- Amy's Stocking Stuffers 12.11.09 07:30

They didnt hold on anything more than a hour?

----- leaffly 06.11.09 02:43

yeah, what can these stick on?

only room temp things or ice cold things too?

----- Michael 05.11.09 14:42

I have those at home. They didnt hold on anything more than a hour : (

----- laila 05.11.09 04:52

That is all kinds of awesomeness.

----- Sub-Studio 04.11.09 11:08

OMG, these little glass markers are so cute!!! I went to a friends dinner party once and she had those wine tags, and I thought those were really neat, but these are WAY cuter, I’d love to get some, are they only available in Stolkholm? Or can you get them in Canada? Hopefully not online either, I’d really prefer to get them from a retail store.

Also, I don’t know what kind of an amazing site this is, but everything looks so interesting, and I’m simply taken away but the list of things to look into on the side bar!!! Outstanding.

----- Natasza 04.11.09 10:57

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