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Remains by Cathy McClure- 11.19.09

mossimal1.jpg On intriguing art that just showed up in my inbox, Moss in association with Edelman Arts presents Remains by Cathy McClure. “Hands wielding scissors, McClure massacres the motor-driven robotic plush toys, eviscerating them through a Geppetto-like taxidermy until she gets down, as she says, ‘into the guts of the piece’.” The truly amazing part isn’t that she guts these toys (didn’t we all as kids?) ~ but she then re-casts the parts in bronze and reassembles them! The result is fascinating… is it now high art? is it still a toy? do they still work? Apparently the original circuit boards, batteries, gears, and voice boxes are all re-installed, but you can’t help but wonder how those gears will handle the new weight… looking forward to seeing these in person, they will be at Moss in NY November 20th through December 31st, with a quick trip to Miami for Art Basel Dec 2nd through 5th… see more pics and information on the next page.






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These are very, very neat. How much do they go for? I’ve seen some similar stuff dont with 3d printers, but there’s something truly beautiful about the color of these. I love how they are dissembled and reassembled.

----- Hannah 21.12.09 09:59

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