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Veuve Clicquot Yellowboam- 11.06.09

veuveboam0.jpg Some packages just leave you speechless. You sit. You stare. You open it. You poke at it. You close it. You stare a bit more. This was one of those packages. Veuve Clicquot sent over one of their 1200 limited edition stingray skin Yellowboams (there are 3600 in the edition, 1200 each of ostrich, alligator, and stingray) ~ yes, a 3L (4 bottle equiv) bottle of Yellow Label Champagne… in a stunning handcrafted metallic lacquered wood box (with adorable little round hinges and magnetic closure) ~ with a stand for the monstrously large bottle… and the bottle itself has a yellow label made from ostrich, alligator, or galuchat, sealed with 22.4 ct gold and a 24 ct plated muzzle engraved with Mme. Clicquot’s signature. A little over the top, in a completely surreal, “how is this enormous bottle sitting on my counter right now, and how amazing is this paint job?” sort of way. Next question of course was, “How will we ever pour this? Or chill it? And who will have to come help drink it?”

So take a peek at more pictures on the next page ~ once you get past the extravagance, it’s really one of the sweetest most unexpected gifts to arrive, so, thank you, Veuve Clicquot. And don’t worry i will certainly document it when i open it… i’m terribly curious what is under that golden muzzle… and the adorable notebook that was included mentions that you can send in the leather label to have it turned into a card holder… intriguing…

This launched me into that hunt for the names of various bottle sizes, so for those curious: Magnum = 2 bottles, Jeroboam = 4 bottles, Rehoboam = 6 bottles, Methuselah = 8 bottles, Salmanazar = 12 bottles, Balthazar= 16 bottles, Nubchadnezzar = 20 bottles. And most are named after BC kings… and “A useful mnemonic for these big bottle sizes is: My Judy Really Makes Splendid Belching Noises” says Champagne Magic.





Look at the SIZE of that thing relative to regular glasses?!?!?!









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6 Notes

do you know where I turn in the sharkskin into a business card holder?
Please let me know - I would love to have the card holder as a reminder of this most exquisite celebration.
Thank you!

----- dee gee 29.03.13 19:46

www.notcot.com - da best. Keep it going!

----- Bottomless 08.11.09 07:00

The packaging is gorgeous, what does it taste like?

----- Chinda 07.11.09 09:43

Wow. That is pretty intense. It is breath taking in an odd way. It is like you don’t want to open it, then you want to, then you don’t.

----- Char 06.11.09 13:38

Awww… Stunning! I was at VCP (Reims) few weeks ago… But I only bought a normal bottle. :)

----- Joffrey 06.11.09 12:10

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