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Moderna Museet Graphite Pencils- 11.04.09

modernapencils0.jpg Inspiration comes in so many forms, and can feel so good in your hand… like these solid graphite pencils from the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. The weight is SO nice! And then combine it with great colors from your usual graphite options to gold, silver, and purple!!! And on top of that, add great quotes from some fun and inspiring artists… does it get more NOTCOT than this Warhol quote? “I never read, i just look at the pictures.” ~ Well that just about sums up how i feel about why i needed NOTCOT.org in my life, sometimes we just need pictures to float through us to interpret as we wish…

Others are:
Max Ernst: All good ideas arrive by chance
Marc Chagall: Great art picks up where nature ends.
Robert Rauschenberg: “Now” is my competition.
Robert Rauschenberg: A canvas is never empty.
Pablo Picasso: Everything you can imagine is real.
Diane Arbus: Nothing is ever the same as they said it was..
Salvador Dali: I don’t do drugs. I am drugs.
Salvador Dalí: Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.

Luckily the Moderna Museet has a webshop too! See more pics on the next page as usual…




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3 Notes

It works for me.
But, what about the shipping cost ?

----- John Doe 08.11.09 22:59

Ah! I really want to buy these but the webstore is weird and not letting me add the pencils to My Cart….

----- Claudia 04.11.09 16:22

Where did you buy the warhol pencil? I want that specific one but it looks like none of them are really available for purchase on their site… at least it won’t let me add to cart :(

----- Ada Cole 04.11.09 14:45

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