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Day in the Life of The White Rabbit - 12.04.09

Did you see him running around last night? Love this video of the projection of the White Rabbit running through NYC… Fallon has really gone all out with a Syfy for their latest flick, Alice! (Can’t wait to check it out on sunday)… before i share more of the campaign, check out more pics!

rabbitmain.jpg Or perhaps some of you in NYC even saw him running around today? Before i even begin to show you what else i’ve found, let’s just take a look at these really fun and surreal pics of a day in the life of the White Rabbit… See pics of the White Rabbit/s doing everything from sitting in the office, to photocopying, to doing the crossword, to ice skating… and more! on the next page.

p.s. if you want to see the whole campaign check this out.











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I saw this guy (or one of them) on my way to school (Parsons on 5th and 13th) one day… I didn’t really take notice because it’s NYC, and I totally forgot about it until I saw this, but now I know what the heck was going on!

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