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White Rabbit Inc - Fallon/Syfy- 12.24.09

rabbitbox0.jpg Merry Christmas ~ it’s been quite the branded animal holiday season for crazy packages here at NOTCOT this year, and as that “last day before christmas” delivery chaos kicked in, the most beautiful and mysterious box arrived from White Rabbit Inc. (via Fallon and Syfy) ~ you know, that special recon team that the Queen of Hearts has? With the fun microsites and awesome Alice mini series? So now i can BE part of that crazy team, and run around as a White Rabbit too!!! Check out my new latex rabbit head? I must admit its a little freaky up close, but i can’t stop poking at it. Also what better gift to receive than vials of Clear Conscience, Hope, Reassurance, Flying High, Desire, and Serenity to ring in the new decade? One can only dream that they’d perform as labeled if sipped ~ but the fun little legal note warns me otherwise. Just in case. Imagine if it were as easy as it is in Wonderland? Where the Queen lures (ok, traps) humans from our world into her casino, only to pull raw emotions out of them and through their feet to create essences for bottling by the Wonderland Tea Shop ~ they are afterall “Tea for the soul, from the soul.” So take a peek on the next page for a full unboxing as well as some Rabbit-Penguin shots…

rabbitbox1.jpg Isn’t it a fun ominous box? I half expected something to leap out of it…

rabbitbox2.jpg I’m impressed at how stunning it looks… looks like someone might have wrapped the box in paper… by hand?


rabbitbox4.jpg Unsure of how else to show you the head well (no, i’m not modeling it for you!) - grabbed a puma penguin ~ woohoo for branded animal mashups!


rabbitbox6.jpg Check out the detail! You can see his robotic brain at work…




rabbitbox10.jpg Cute note from the queen ~ “a letter from the happy hearts casino. congratulations @notcot, all of wonderland welcomes you to @WhiteRabbitInc. The Queen of Hearts” Hmmm come to think of it, did i just get recruited? :)


rabbitbox12.jpg Mmmmm - vials of Clear Conscience, Hope, Reassurance, Flying High, Desire, and Serenity.

rabbitbox13.jpg I think the Fallon legal team made the vial of Clear Conscience after they included this awesome semi-legal notice. And to get my Clear Conscience out there, i’m including it for you to check out too ~ SEE? no money changed hands! I’m covering it for the awesomeness of the experience and project, and they’re sending it out because they love NOTCOT! Which only makes me love them more… and the cycle is perpetuated. Yay for inspiration and creativity and crazy packages?

rabbitbox14.jpg Happy Holidays!

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8 Notes

lovin’ the vials… i want them!

----- Jerome 01.01.10 15:19

I wish I could buy my own rabbit head and tea set!

----- Amanda 26.12.09 22:26

Alice! Cute and scary rabit head at the same time :)

----- Juliën 26.12.09 09:45

Oh golly! I want to be a white rabbit!

----- Xanadu 25.12.09 19:33

so jealous!

----- Kristina 25.12.09 11:29

man oh man…i want your job so i can be sent things as awesome as this. a white rabbit head for christmas? glorious.

----- David 25.12.09 07:32

What a great gift! Looking forward to seeing you don the creepy rabbit head in your fb profile!
Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!!
Laura xox

----- Laura 25.12.09 02:22

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