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Wine Tasting by Mail Sample Tubes- 12.21.09

winetube1.jpg Love of wine + packaging + test tubes? When i spotted these wine tasters over at Springwise. This example of Tryvertising (i must admit that word pains me quite a bit)… comes from Brixr in San Francisco. These 50mL vials are adorable ~ though some people seem to be debating whether 2ozs are enough to know which one you like best… see a few more packaging pics on the next page!



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What a pretty cool idea to put liquid stuff in a shipping tube. I wonder if the mailing service would let my wife do that. Well, she wants to put our son’s favorite Dr. Pepper soda on a shipping tube and sent it to him.

----- Andre Beluchi 04.02.16 13:52

This is the most awesome idea EVER!

----- trudy blalock 23.09.15 09:18

Brilliant. My aunt is really into wine tasting so I’m definitely getting this for her birthday.

----- Tiffany W 06.02.10 10:34

Any wine no matter how big or small is call for celebration!

----- Morgan 23.12.09 12:13

I got some of these for my wife as one of her xmas gifts this year. We’ll see how they are in a couple of days.

----- Erik Dahl 22.12.09 08:52

This seems to me like the perfect cover for a vampire conglomeration to traffic blood…

----- Ryan 22.12.09 07:21

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