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Adorable Aladdin Sake Bottles- 01.04.10

alladinsake0.jpg As delicious as certain liquors are… you all know that spontaneous packaging based impulse buys are how the weird stuff often ends up here. Well recently at Mitsuwa, the adorable little sakes were calling out to me and i couldn’t resist. I also couldn’t resist shaking up the nigori ones… which of course meant i then had to let them sit for a day or so in my fridge so they’d fully settle (all that unfiltered sediment sinking to the bottom) so i could show you the difference when i took pics! But how amazingly cute are these Aladdin Sake bottles? They’d make the prettiest little vases for your desk… And the way the top opens is fascinating as well. So take a peek at them all on the next page! (And no, i haven’t tasted any of them yet ~ too tired tonight, but wanted to show you the packaging first!)








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I first saw those bottle tops on the Mickey’s malt liquor Wide Mouth singles about 36 years ago in Hawaii. Always thought they were interesting.

I was really thirsty but my mother said we had only milk or water. I looked in the fridge and thought,”Hey what are those green bottles”? My first beer at four years of age.

----- Eric 14.01.10 12:42

these rock. i work at disneyworld and havn’t seen them. off to explore japan for these bottles.

----- steev 13.01.10 03:23

I’m a sucker for the packaging too!! Have you heard of TY KU Sake with the matte black bottle?? it’s GORGEOUS, and they sell a liqueur in a similar bottle that lights up. I hope you do use these Aladdin bottles as vases!

----- Valerie 12.01.10 12:47

I love Mitsua Marketplace! Are you from Orange County?

----- Tarah 09.01.10 16:19

Where can I get this Aladdin sake? Is there a site perhaps?

----- Paul Anthony Webb 06.01.10 10:49

I’ve actually seen these sake bottles just recently. They had them at a shop in the World’s Showcase of Epcot in DisneyWorld Orlando. I’d have bought them, If I knew a way to get them on the plane home with me.

----- jen 05.01.10 19:05

I would have trouble throwing them away!

----- Thomas 05.01.10 14:42

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