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Mint Cleaner- 01.07.10

mint0.jpg It’s always hard after a full day of racing around the show floor at CES to decide what to share first - as my body wants to dive in a bubble bath and my brain is getting ready for drinks, dinner, etc. SO, don’t laugh, but the first thing i have been craving since i saw the adorable minimalist mod booth… Mint: Automatic Floor Cleaner… think swiffer meets roomba, but with a design treatment by Yves Behar’s Fuseproject… and hyperintelligent guts by Evolution Robotics, Inc. This feels like my Method oMop’s futuristic robotic relative. So yes, stunning, wicked smart, cleans with popular we/dry cleaning cloths (think swiffer/pledge/etc), AND charges upright!

Also fun? Besides the booth design and beautifully designed product? They throw coffee on the floor… let it dry a little… then demo the machines. And i love how versatile the concept is, you can use any cloth ~ and the panel that they attach to is MAGNETIC! More pictures of the details and a video on the next page from my CES discovery of Mint! (It officially launched at midnight!)







mint6.jpg Basically you wrap the cloth around, and press the sides into the teeth to hold it in… then just let it magnetically snap back on to the base!

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Recently purchased a Mint for my one story house. The sales person on the phone told me all the great things that Mint could do. I asked if Mint would be able to clean my one story house (approximately 1,800 s.f.) with the Mint and one cube while I left for the day. They said that was what it was designed to do! The only time that you need another Mint or box is if you had more than a one story house. I thought that was great. Super excited to receive my Mint.

Mint arrives and found out that it only cleans up to 300 s.f. while I am away and does not do the entire first floor. I also found this out by calling the supervisor at Mint. The information about the 300 s.f. is not in the manual or the FAQ on the website. I was also informed by the sales person that is why there is a special to purchase another Mint for a discounted price…since you will need at least two of them if you want to do what the advertisement of the Mint leads you to believe it will do.

Extremely disappointed at the lack of truth in advertising for this product and the lack of care from the management about the unethical business practice of trying to increase revenue without accurately potraying what Mint is capable of and unable to do. I think if they want to stick around this industry that they really need to do a better of job of not trying to feel like they just “conned” the consumer.

----- Michael 23.08.10 13:36

Never understood the appeal of these machines. They cannot do wall to wall and don’t work on much of anything but readied display floors and or ones that would require the minimal effort of a wipe down as is. Its one thing to lift off with force like a Roobma, a whole different one to not move the same mess around (much like a swab mop if your not changing the water, or the cloth in this case, regularly every room or so).
Also the ‘simple’ picture of the girl enjoying her laptop on a filthy floor next to the clean line of the machine is kind of funny.

----- Lone 08.01.10 12:49

Seriously, I Need this in my life. Its awesome!

Since moving to Toronto from the U.K. we get a lot of visitors & spend a lot of time on hands and knees cleaning the floors, this would help sooooo much. Not to mention it would also double as a entertainer for my 2 kittens who would probably follow it round!!!

Do you know where I can get one?

Again, awesome!


----- Kandy Boulden 08.01.10 11:54

OMG I have to have one!

----- sarah 08.01.10 08:16

My least favorite household chore is mopping the mop-able surfaces, I always forget about it until it’s noticeable and then you have to get all super aggressive with it, ARGH! One of these handsome little robots would be amazing.

----- drew 08.01.10 01:47

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