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Adventures in Vegas + HTC + Cool Hunting- 01.10.10

htcvegas0.jpg CES is always madness, but in recent years when there have been more and more people i get excited to meet up with there, you’ll notice that my posts about the technology become more discriminating (and there’s less awesome to share, sadly) ~ and i actually end up finding more inspiration in the unexpected and beauty in the chaos. The other night patterns seemed to be my thing… large crazy vegas patterns that were popping up and screaming to be photographed… Or maybe me + drinks that night = pattern obsessed, but really i blame the mandarin oriental bar. It started with dinner hosted by HTC (where i might have gone unexpectedly fangirl when next to me was PCMag’s Sascha Segan mentioned his wife is the awesome artist Leontine Greenberg)…. great conversations with some fun journalists, the HTC marketing and design folks (SO fun and sweet)… followed by “O”… then regrouping for drinks at the Aria with the boys of Cool Hunting… then drinks at the Mandarin Oriental… and as the group dwindled down, and the drinks and inspiration kept flowing… you can take a peek on the next page of the visuals that captivated me!

htcvegas1.jpg Mmmmm dinner + NexusOne.

htcvegas3.jpg The ceiling of O fascinated me to no end… esp as that center section raised and lowered… (thank you, Eric, for playing enabler and leveler to help me get this pic as people stormed the exits post show)

htcvegas4.jpg Jenny Holzer’s “Vegas” ~ HUGE LED light sculpture by the taxi line in the Aria ~ a MUST see in person!

htcvegas5.jpg The elevator at the Mandarin Oriental opened to this wall…


htcvegas8.jpg The bar was breathtakingly silhouetted…

htcvegas9.jpg Endless fascination with the tables… so many circles… kept sticking our fingers in them…



htcvegas12.jpg And believe it or not, i resisted… asking for more coasters just to see if we could put the whole dragon together!

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