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Puma Penguin Army- 01.07.10

penguina.jpg One team of the Puma Penguin Army stands guard in my house, roaming between the hallway and office, to the media center and fireplace… a second team has gone on an adventure with the amazing Birds of a Feather photo-blog photographers Lou Mora and Sarah Yates. Where they will go and what they will get up to is in their hands now! First i got a mysterious messaged that they were getting carded by security… next i get these pictures. Somewhere on their roadtrip between LA and San Diego they seem to have stopped off outside the refineries near El Segundo… See the super fun pics on the next page!




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i remember you getting these and swearing you’d take them to random photoshoots :P love love pic#2 after the jump, it looks so romantic there :)

----- mimi 12.01.10 20:12

These are amazingly fabulous! I just happened to stumble upon these while searching through the Internets and realized that one of these would be the BEST birthday present for my husband as he loves penguins and anything Puma. I looked to see if these could be purchased anywhere and came up with nothing. You wouldn’t happen to know where I could get an orange one of these guys? Thanks for your help and for sharing.

----- Dana 09.01.10 18:44

I’m so envious of your penguins! I saw the blue ones at the NYC puma store and asked if I could pick one up. After they refused, I considered staging a penguin-napping. I don’t need an army, just one!

----- Margo 08.01.10 15:22

nice penguins but i don’t get it. what has this got to do with puma.

----- rmc 08.01.10 15:06

If you have too many to use, I’m teaching a unit on penguins in my 1st grade class this year. It would be a fun addition to school!

----- Melissa 08.01.10 11:49

love them - they’re so bright and colorful! Can’t wait to see where they go next ;-)

----- carrie leber 08.01.10 07:59

That’s so much fun.

I made my sister a small doll a few years ago that resembles here and last christmas I kidnapped it, left ransom notes and then sent her pics of the doll in various places before returning it to her.

It’s these kinds of things that make people smile. :0)

----- Kathryn Dyche Dechairo 08.01.10 07:08

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