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Artecnica Recycled Billboard Laptop Case- 01.25.10

artechnica1.jpg Fresh in from Artecnica, the latest in their Design W/ Conscience program with MAL / Media Arts Lab part of TBWA\, Artecnica to find designer solutions to recycling their large format billboards. Remember their Artecnica + TBWA\ Recycled Stretch Bag? Well, these new Laptop Cases are lined with black neoprene to add softness and protection to the case, and come in 13” and 15” sizes. See more images of the case on the next page.


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These are really nifty, they’d look amazing if the original billboard design was still left on them even.

----- Georgia 30.01.10 20:42

Hi, there. I’m sorry to be a buzzkill, but isn’t neoprene really bad for the environment?

(See this post: http://www.thecleanestline.com/2008/05/green-neoprene.html)

I looked at the linked sites, and couldn’t find any information on the particular neoprene they’re using, so perhaps it’s recycled or something wonderful and new?

If not, I’m a tad offended at the greenwashing of putting it in a line called Design With a Conscience.

----- kate 28.01.10 11:02

This is awesome. I love the simplicity. And their site has come cool stuff.

----- Jimmy 26.01.10 13:29

Where are these available?

----- Beth 26.01.10 06:56

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