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Operation Window Seat: SLC - LAX- 01.23.10

snow0.jpg I passed out as soon as i sat down on the plane from SLC to LAX ~ i barely remember take off ~ and then suddenly when turbulence jolted me awake somewhere in between, all i saw out the window were surreal and stunningly dramatic shadows on snowy mountains… and i was so mesmerized, then something kicked in, and i half awakenly grabbed my camera, and felt like i was dream shooting all the way back to LA. So fun to see the world from that view ~ such a nice perspective shift from what’s felt like a very conceptually nazel gazing last few days. I love the way the snow transitioned into dessert… and into cities… and the way roads are carved into the snowy tree filled mountainside… the way the city glowed with the hollywood sign and downtown popping out as we landed… Take a look on the next page!












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Here’s what i shoot with:

Canon 5D MKII and 16-35mm

----- Jean/NOTCOT 09.09.11 01:20

The pictures are very nice! Would you mind advising what kind of camera and your settings if you know them?

----- Donald 08.09.11 14:53

Wow, that’s interesting! Indeed, there’s always a unique and creative way to look at things if you just look at it at a different perspective.

----- Carlos 24.01.10 09:36

flying high. nice

----- dannycliffe 24.01.10 02:44

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