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Banksy Film: Exit Through The Gift Shop- 01.21.10

exitthrough.jpg Leave it to Banksy to branch out once again… this time with a feature film launching here at Sundance! Exit Through The Gift Shop is apparently coming in the spring, check out the trailer on the next page…

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CAn’t wait to see it…we put the trailer on our blog too…let’s have a check..

----- RSRV 25.01.10 15:55

Pretty sure this will be a hoax of some sort, at least I hope.

----- hurfter 25.01.10 15:16

I don’t feel good about this actually. The movie might be fine. But Banksy was good because he didn’t take himself too seriously.

If it all goes to his head, it won’t be the same Banksy.

----- James 21.01.10 16:57

Amazing, Banksy is the truth! : )

----- Dominic Saldaña 21.01.10 16:26

This is going to be great… LOL

----- Jason 21.01.10 15:02

This is ether going to be really funny, or a little dull. I hope its good!

----- Rae 21.01.10 13:03

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