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Future: On Office’s Turbine City- 01.22.10

turbines.jpg This post is the last in a series of 4 posts sponsored by Syfy’s Caprica focused on Future Technologies. As usual, our fun advertisers enable us do our thing around a theme by trusting us when it comes to content! OH! and it starts tonight! (I’m excited!)

So on future possibilities ~ perusing DesignBoom this morning, i became totally fascinated by the possibility of living in a turbine… or vacation in one… as a floating island… just imagine the views! And the bizarre potential of such a structure? On Office has been researching and visually exploring the potential of Turbine City to perhaps live off the coast of Stavanger, Norway. Apaprently Norway has the best conditions in the world for utilizing offshore wind power with its longest windiest coast! Don’t mock, but this world feels very Waterworld meets scandinavian design meets dubai architecture at the moment… See more images on the next page!




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in response to JEN, that is completely false, I have been up to see a wind turbine in person and it was completely silent. A massive turbine like these would probably generate more noise, but it isn’t like anyone is living close to the actual engines.

----- spencer 26.04.10 21:15

It would be interesting but one of the major problems other than getting a seizure would be the noise, which is supposed to be unbearable loud.

----- JEN 24.01.10 19:20

I don’t get it…Why would anyone want to live in a monster turbine in the middle of the ocean. Don’t get me wrong wind power is part of the future, but living in them? What is the point? I think I would die from an epileptic seizure if i lived in the shadow of those wings.

----- arch 23.01.10 12:06

God help me if they try to change the name from Bluthton

----- recoiled 22.01.10 13:11

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