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Operation Window Seat: LA Sparkles At Night- 01.17.10

lanight1.jpg I had one of my “wow, i love LA” moments as i was flying in from NY the other night… after not sleeping the night before, i crashed hard in a strange and contorted position for 5 hours on my JetBlue flight home, and as my eyes started to open, i was disoriented and fascinated by the sparkles of the city below me. It was such a clear night. and the colors felt different… i couldn’t help but wonder if it was the increase of things like LED billboards that are so blindingly bright when i’m on the ground changing the landscape of lights from above. They felt brighter and sharper ~ twinkling as we approached… and of course, i couldn’t help but snap a few pics to share with you. Also, nice placement of your URL, JetBlue, it’s as if you knew people would be taking pics out of the window… or just looking out of the window constantly…




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LA is the most beautiful place on Earth. At least in my memories. I have been living there from 1986 until 1989. Looking at the aerial pictures of the city, its beaches, freeways and endless nightscapes I felt homesick like never before. Thanks for sharing these pictures. The Operation Window Seat is brilliant!


----- Carlo Muttoni 13.03.12 04:42

LA has been my home for 6 years now. I lived and visited a lot of places, and every place has it good and bad parts. But hands down, LA is the most dramatic city to fly into no matter the weather or the time of day. Hello from a Penn Design grad!

----- Robert 27.02.12 21:33

Very beautifulO(∩_∩)O

----- sasaL 02.07.10 18:15

wow amazing shots! i was able to take photos in flight during day time, tried taking them during night time as i also land in LA but no success, how did you manage to take these incredible night shots of the city lights?!!?

----- Trish 07.03.10 03:25

Wow so clear, amazing to look at. I’d love to be able to see that myself :)

----- Celeste 22.01.10 22:08

wow these are great and so CLEAR!

----- beez 21.01.10 12:48

I’m surprised that they didn’t have the outer lights on when you were that close to landing.

I’ve noticed most airlines with their logos on the wings (Southwest, JetBlue, WestJet) typically light their wings upon descent not only to illuminate their logo/website on the wings, but to make their markings more visible from the ground too!

----- Adri 20.01.10 13:47

wow beautiful. when i was leaving LA last year, i had a similar view. its amazing to see the structures formed by civilisation from above.

----- Philip 18.01.10 11:57

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