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Muji Silicon Ice Ball Maker- 01.18.10

mujiiceball.jpg With all of this Ice Ball talk on my mind from the Macallan, when i saw the Muji Silicon Ice Ball Maker at the Muji To Go store in JFK’s Jet Blue terminal, i couldn’t resist grabbing two to play with. Been rushing around a bit non stop, but as tired as i was when i got in, first thing i had to do was fill one of these up with water and stick it in the freezer! Was too tired to wait for water to boil before filling it ~ so it does lack some of the potential clarity due to the cold tap water that went in. Overall it worked pretty well though! And the novelty of spherical ice is pretty fun! Though not nearly as exciting as making it with the Macallan ice machine… see more pics of the instructions and muji device on the next page… been starting to think about what else you can do to get creative with spherical ice…





Here are pics from the Muji Silicon Ice Ball Maker site - bizarre how they suggest you can use it for jelly too! mujiiceball5.jpg

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6 Notes

Hi i visit your site and i really like it very much very impressive work you have done.

----- furqan 10.12.12 22:15

Just found out MUJI Silicon Ice Ball Maker is now available at MUJI Online Store! Check it out :-)I’ve already got two of them, though!

----- michelle (muji lover) 22.03.10 16:17

Cool? Yes! But it does seem like to would be really easy to choke on…

----- Gretchen 21.01.10 14:26

that’s awesome! i would make tons of those!

----- Dawn 21.01.10 12:26

I like the idea of using 4 to make a pyramid of ice balls to keep punch cold. That probably would require attaching the balls together in some way to keep them from falling, but would be fun to try.

----- Craig Ogg 18.01.10 10:18

the ball is a great idea but i would put good water like spring or filtered if i was going to put my macallan scotch in that glass

----- Mendy Erez 18.01.10 05:50

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