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Magners Pear Cider Exclusive for Bungalow 8- 01.02.10

magners.jpg On more things i’ve been meaning to post for a while. Here’s a brilliantly fun idea… how do you take a normally boring average looking bottled Magners Pear Cider and elevate (or catapult) its status instantly? Give the awesome Bungalow 8 in London an exclusive stunning bottle that is only available there, and only 500 bottles are produced. The new design was created for Magners by their brand entertainment agency, Cake. They were even kind enough to send one over so i could take a look at it in person - and its lovely! Its a sleek black bottle with 5 gloss silver sticker stripes wrapping the bottle and the Bungalow 8 ‘8’ etched in the silver pear. Honestly, it’s hard to look at the original bottle the same way after seeing and holding this. Actually, it’s hard to look at any cider or beer the same. Why don’t they all look this stunningly designed? See more pics on the next page…

Here’s a great quote from Amy Sacco, founder of Bungalow 8: “Magners Pear Cider bottled exclusively for Bungalow 8 London is probably the coolest bottle to be seen with this season! As we are not allowed to let bottles leave the premises it has caused quite a stir……I have noticed the girls are all carrying larger handbags and trying to make off with the empties! I don’t blame them! The all black glass bottle with silver “disco ball-esque stripes” and the embossed 8 hidden inside the pear is so sexy that I have had cases sent to my flat in NYC and am working on an installation with a few of my local favorite artisans. ”



p.s. You know the drill with NOTCOT ~ i always tell you when stuff is sent over. And i only write about the stuff i love and would have written about even if i bought it myself or found it on the street. And in this case, i am sad to admit the bottle that came over was a little scratched on the pear logo, so i took a bunch of pics, but didn’t love them ~ but do love the concept so much sharing the press shots they sent over with you! Now i wonder who will come up with more club/lounge exclusives?

ok i couldn’t help myself… so here’s one of the pics… magnerhm.jpg

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My grandmother gave me a bottle of this for Christmas that she picked up on a trip over the fall somehow. Now i feel bad for drinking it as i didn’t know only 500 bottles were made

----- Chris Hands 03.01.10 15:31

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