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Tenga Eggs : Easy Ona-Cap- 01.11.10

tenguegg0.jpg On bizarre and fascinating design found at AVN this weekend… i found these Tenga Eggs in person, and i couldn’t help laughing when i saw them (yes, i tried to hold it in, but it was just so fascinating!). If they seem familiar, they were on NOTCOT.org as #18467 a while ago. And when they were first submitted, we couldn’t make sense of what they were for a bit… well now that they are being distributed by Liberator (they specialize in “bedroom adventure gear”)… so they were part of a big booth at AVN filled with beautifully designed toys. We even had a chance to meet the designer himself. Now as for how they work… these are bizarre eggs that are male pleasure toys, but they come in the most adorable plastic eggs (like kids easter eggs, or toys from machines you pop a quarter in to)… and inside you find an “egg shaped masturbation sleeve” ~ and they come in 6 different internal textures. “Although intended for a single session, the cup could be used a couple of times if handled and cleaned carefully.” Anyhow, take a peek at the pics of the packaging, products, and funny video on the next page!









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I’m with Emilie! I’d love to try this if I was able to…

----- Sami 28.08.12 20:17

I wish I would have a penis to try this!!!

----- Emilie 01.03.10 20:21

Creepy, weired…. Ok I want to try it just to see…

----- Erik 14.01.10 05:04

I laugh when I watch the youtube video. I agree what everyone, it is a fantastic idea. It not overly sexual, plus it makes masturbation seem cute : ). it It something that you and your mate can laugh about.

----- Marguarite 13.01.10 16:38

have you heard of the fliphole also done by tenga.
the japanese have really done it with this one…


----- Mariana 13.01.10 16:01

This is just about the coolest thing I’ve seen for men. It almost makes me jealous, no way are they not going to get off! ;)

----- Cindy 13.01.10 06:29

Why are fake rubbery vaginas “creepy” but amputated rubber cocks fine and dandy? I’m a guy, I’ve got a drawer full of both (life cast and otherwise), and I just don’t see the issue. They’re all body parts.

----- iWood 12.01.10 15:49

These are so adorable! Much more aesthetically pleasing, and much less creepy, than a fake rubbery vagina (it’s hard to reproduce such beauty and form XD) and less embarrassing than a fleshlight since they’re disposable.

I’m a girl but… I think these are a fantastic idea. WTG Tenga! Thanks for brightening my day, Notcot ^___-

----- Hannah 12.01.10 13:31

Hahaha this thing is getting nowhere near my junk. When it comes to “that” I prefer a low-tech approach.

----- Hans Liebkinz 12.01.10 12:24

I’m so intrigued! Sometimes I think men’s pleasure toys are more fun than women’s.

----- Mitzi 12.01.10 11:07

I am strangely disturbed (and fascinated!) with this… :)

----- Margarete Rosenbaum 12.01.10 05:22

Oh, that is priceless. It did take me until the last frame to make me understand just how (and why) it is put to use. Coolest packaging ever. And the voiceover, selling it like it is a laundry detergent, haha.

----- Sandra 12.01.10 05:12

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