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CES Top Secret: Belkin- 01.13.10

belkinces0.jpg Leave it to Belkin to understand me well enough to be the ultimate tease and torture me just enough. I always love their booths, the design is above and beyond ~ becoming this fabulous, beautiful experience, with such fun logical user flows as you navigate it… this year, no booth, but they emailed saying that there is a suite, and invited me to come check it out. BUT, they aren’t inviting media in. AND the majority of the products won’t be launched until spring 2010, so no writing about those, yet. BUT, they trust me, so i can take pics to my heart’s content ~ and then stare at them. In my computer. For months. So now i’m finding ways to share the really cool displays and carpet and paths and installations… cropping strategically not to give anything away that i’m not allowed to. SO, here is one post filled with everything BUT products (except a few! which are out ~ and quite awesome!)… so take a peek at the very fun subway map themed suite of Belkin at CES 2010! It’s a beautiful room ~ they really did a number on it to make it feel more like an awesome science museum exhibit instead of the big box of a hotel suite it is. You have to see the way the paths flow from hardwood to carpet and up the walls so nicely. So take a peek inside at this collaboration between the Belkin team and Commonwealth… a few products to share… and many more to come (2010 has some REALLY fun stuff coming from Belkin. AGH. The agony. I promise i’ll show you more when i can.)


belkinces1.jpg It was incredible to see how well the room was pulled together through these subway map styled pathways… and especially interesting how well it transitions from vinyl on wood to actually hand cut carpet colors…



belkinces5.jpg Aren’t the graphics in the fake fridge adorable???






belkinces11.jpg Belkin Micro Auto Charger ~ while not new, i hadn’t played with it before, and i’m smitten by how tiny it is. I want a basketful to just plug in to any open cigarette adapter!!! Also awesome, it is optimized for charging your devices, so it will charge faster than most others!

belkinces12.jpg The Belkin Tune Base Direct lets you find the best station and use it hands free! Love the way their holder can be positioned both vertically and horizontally ~ and adjusts to fit nearly any case, nano, iphone without needing to remove the case! (I was slightly embarrassed to try it with my incase case on, but it did in fact work wonderfully!)


belkinces14.jpg Belkin Tune Cast Auto Live ~ not just beautiful UI and hardware… but they’ve made their first iPhone app to really “unleash the possibilities of the iPhone by developing hardware and software products that take advantage of the iPhone OS 3.0.” The ClearScan Live application for iPhone and iPod Touch helps find the BEST station based on your GPS location.



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This is what I miss about no longer going to events like CES… How creatively companies are capturing eyeballs and attention for an amazing array of products today. It makes me wonder what might have come out of the mind of P.T. Barnum, were he a trade show display designer today?

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