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The Macallan Ice Ball Machine- 01.15.10

iceballs0.jpg Sure its 4am, but i couldn’t go to sleep before showing you the magic of the Macallan Ice Ball “Machine”. Did you know it runs on GRAVITY? Yes, high tech stuff… also the magical frictional heating of copper also comes in to play somehow just perfectly at room temperature. Really you stick a roughly right sized chunk of ice in between the two heavy pieces, and let gravity go to work on it. And with in moments ~ right before your eyes ~ it melts down to a perfectly glossy sphere. It’s magical really. This incredible device was discovered in japan (side note: where the macallan team also discovered japanese taking straight razors to carve perfect spheres of ice) ~ and they have exclusive rights to the device for a few years! I’m secretly wanting one to play with at home… See the pictures on the next page…









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First exposed to it at Two Johns in Shreveport. Ordered a couple of the Macallan presses, low and behold built here in the United States. Constructed of anodized copper colored food grade aluminum alloy. Came with molds to make the ice blanks, key to clear ice is the sloooooooow freezing of water with no impurities. Heavily made to form the ball melting away the excess ice, you’ll need to run the press under hot water if you’re making multiple drinks as production slows down as the press gets colder.

DEFINETLY a fine addition to your drinking experience.

----- AndyC 22.07.14 08:43

how much for this machine…want to buy one..!!thanks.

----- silver cheung 28.04.13 23:13

I have a larger one in my bar and holy shit what an attraction best if u use clear ice and it gets old after a while.
Long story short learn to carve your own way cooler and more personal for the guest

----- ryan 16.01.11 23:05

WOW! that is so interesting. Love the photos that were taken :)

----- Celeste 22.01.10 20:58

I have accses to the cnc machine and I see a “Goverment Job” in my future. As for Icing good whiskey at least they used a sphere which would allow for the least amount of melt off due to reduced surface area. I like my scotch with just a little water. Swirl and dump just the right amount to open it up.

----- Erik 20.01.10 03:39

I saw one of these in action at a Macallan tasting event in Toronto. I’m a firm believer that one should never put ice in a fine single malt, but if you do like you scotch on the rocks, this is the way to do it.

----- Sean Kirby 16.01.10 16:10

Who puts ice in good whisk(e)y … ?

----- doc 16.01.10 09:22

The plastic molds are a lot cheaper ($15 or less), and even though there’s sometimes a little seam, the ice looks almost as good.

----- Will 15.01.10 14:05

Soooo freaking cool!

----- Mike Johnson 15.01.10 10:08

Very cool device, you can get your own from here:


----- Anthony 15.01.10 07:15

A little dramatic but well shot.

Reportedly sitting at about a $1000 a piece(Copper is about +/- $3.50 a pound right now) if you could find a place to buy one. If it is purely done through gravity you could probably make one of these if you had access to a CNC machine or similar tools.

----- Lone 15.01.10 04:16

I have to say I really really dig your photos …. the attention to details is awsome!!!!!!

----- cwhateyec 15.01.10 01:43

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