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Absolut Berri Acai- 02.24.10

absolut0.jpg On fun things that showed up before i left for NY/London ~ a super sized Absolut shoe box of sorts filled with their new Absolut Berri Acai! A whole giant liter of the delectable new liquor appeared buffered by crunchy purple padding, adorned with a few recipes… It’s quite refreshingly yummy mix of acai, blueberry, and pomegranate ~ in that fruity healthy sort of way! See the unboxing and recipes on the next page!











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I know that everyone really loves the Absolut’s packaging and marketing, and they do send you lovely things - but can we talk for a moment about how absolute probably should focus more on making their vodka taste good, and less on adverts? Absolut is fine if you’re mixing with something - but on its own, it falls terribly short, and is awful enough that it can’t be taken straight. Do a bit of searching on vodka taste tests if you don’t believe me.

----- Adam 24.02.10 06:50

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