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Kenneth Cole 925 Technology- 02.24.10

kennethcole1.jpg On new shoe technology i gave in and had to try… Kenneth Cole’s 925 Technology was too fascinating not to pass up when i knew i’d be running around in inclimate weather through NY and London the next week… And i DID need some basic black pumps… and they feel crazy comfy/bouncy and are filled with things like Memory Foam, Cork, Flaxseed, and Sheepskin even! (See the dissected diagram on the next page!) The rubbery sole means really being able to bend in ways my pumps have never bent before… which after the last few days i’m a little mixed on the overly bendiness, it’s as if you have to hold yourself up even MORE in a way… though when i slipped back into my favorite louboutins they felt like i was in a thin padding free shell… if only i could get that memory foam in all my shoes?

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Wow..you make them sounds so amazing…do you know if they are available in Australia?

----- Helen 04.04.10 23:59

You CAN get memory foam insoles in all your shoes! Any good cobbler can put custom insoles beneath the original insole of your high heels…I’ve got superfeet in some of my boots…

----- MaiaJane 24.02.10 16:36

The Kenneth Cole 925 Technology are a very good idea but they seem to compromise somewhat on design. Whereas Kat Maconie Shoes you get the very best of both!

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----- ellie 24.02.10 04:21

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